Amanda Stockholm

After two vastly different experiences in the purchase and sale of our first two homes, I found the real estate process fascinating as well as an area where I could help people wade through the search, negotiating, and closing of a home. In our first home search, we felt like we were largely on our own and made a few missteps in our fixer-upper. In our second search, our agent was so knowledgeable and helpful that I was thankful to have her by our side throughout the year long, 4 contract home-search that we had. Deciding what we wanted and needed was a process, and each contract had it's unique scenarios to deal with as well! As a real estate agent, I want to provide my clients the resources, guidance, patience, and of course negotiating to provide only the best experience during the major purchase of a home.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and met my husband in Clifton Park, NY while I was in graduate school at SUNY Albany. We moved to Nebraska for a job, but quickly found that we love the Upstate, New York area and have made this our home for the last 7 years!